The Guild 3
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The Guild 3

Windows Compatible
DOWNLOAD (5 GB *) * - size after downloading in DNVCRK Setup Wizard

The Guild 3 Game Requirements


Windows 7/8/10


2.5 GHz Dual Core Processor

Memory (RAM):

4 GB


2 GB Direct3D 11 capable video card (GeForce GTX 470 or Radeon HD 5850)



Storage (HDD):

5 GB

The Guild 3 Description

The 3rd part of a series of economical strategies enriched with numerous RPG elements. The game allows you to try your hand at various career paths in the medieval world – the goals and tasks going through the player vary based on the chosen character.

The Guild 3 Download is the 3rd full-fledged version of the 2002 series of games that skillfully combines elements of monetary strategies, life simulators and RPGs. Like all previous cycles, the title was created exclusively for Personal computers. Unlike the predecessors (and the official additions to them), JoWood Entertainment and the 4Head Studios, the new publisher of the Nordic Games series, entrusted the GolemLabs team, earlier known as known generally for the SuperPower geopolitical series.

The particular story of the game commences in 1400, that is, in the era of the late Dark ages, when a period of world development ends and a new way of pondering reigns. Just like in the last series, The Guild 3 Crack plays the role of medieval bourgeois, mainly coping with commerce and governmental policies, and our task is to create a strong dynasty that will survive hundreds of years and alter in Europe. However, the primary difference is that in the next part of the cycle we do not find a classic, compact role-playing campaign. The gameplay has got a much more sandboxed dimension, and rather than sticking to the tale, we’re dealing with rather loosely linked scenarios and tasks.

In conditions of general assumptions, The Guild 3 PC Game Torrent will not diverge too far from the remedies of the previous series and integrates elements of economical strategy, life sim and RPGs. In general, the focus is on developing your own business, which we can do in many different ways, such as through trade, mastering a profession, making a variety of subjects, participating in sociable and political life, and interacting with independent realms. During the fun we can also join various guilds and associations – both real (alchemists, and so on. ) and completely make believe. This opens us upward to a broad spectrum of special skills, which allow us to steadily develop our character as well as in various ways influence the fate of the world around us. One of the major changes introduced in the third sequel of The Guild series is the return to a lot more sandboxed gameplay format. Rather than dense line, there are 12 different cases hanging around, playing in several cities and around them. The natural consequence of this sandboxing is also the emphasis put on the artificial intelligence of computer NPCs. The game has developed an advanced system that governs the behavior of independent characters, allowing them to analyze fact and respond appropriately to it. The model is based on six opposition values, and the majority of the encountered characters can be a mix of different values. Different artificial intelligence quests hanging around received not only individual characters, but also families, guilds and towns, and their behavior designs change because of this of player moves and other activities in the game world. Simultaneously, the character’s attitude to particular characters or social groups significantly impacts the course of the game itself.

In addition to playing for solitaries, The Guild 3 also offers entry to a 16-player multiplayer mode where players interact or compete in the same universe. The whole is complemented by a sophisticated editor, enabling you to create your own scenarios.

The Windows 3 PC game The Guild 3 is based on the 2010 Darksiders game motor, which, despite being well-tweaked, is evidently giving way to many modern productions. In comparison to the prior (released in 2002-2006) series, the game is much better, introducing inaccessible elements like the dynamically changing cycle of day and night. Typically the fidelity of the traditional series is also typical of the series. Exposed in the game of the town and its surroundings are based on original historical locations, taking into account the typical area development and architectural styles.