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Prey Download Releases



Windows Compatible
DOWNLOAD (19.7 GB *) * - size after downloading in DNVCRK Setup Wizard

Prey Game Requirements


Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit versions)


Intel i5-2400, AMD FX-8320

Memory (RAM):

8 GB


GTX 660 2GB, AMD Radeon 7850 2GB


Version 11

Storage (HDD):

20 GB

Prey Description

Prey Download is a first individual shooter, attached to a title by Human Head, discharged in 2006. The new diversion does not have much in the same way as the model – separated from the name, the two titles are basically only an animal groups alliance (FPS in the sci-fi tradition) and the way that in both of these creations we manage the disposal of the staggering power of outsiders.

Both amusements consolidate a generally troublesome “youth” – both the first 2006 Prey Crack and his successor were experiencing various amendments and remixes, both element and specialized. After the achievement of the initial segment, unique makers, individuals from Human Head Studios, started take a shot at the continuation, which was named Prey 2. The venture, based on the id Tech 4 motor, has never been finished yet, and in 2014 Bethesda authoritatively declared the suspension of work on the diversion. After two years, the new discharge has nothing in a similar manner as the beforehand arranged continuation.

Arkane Studios, known for the effective Dishonored arrangement, is in charge of making the new Prey Torrent. To stay away from PC advancement issues that occurred amid the dispatch of Dishonored 2, the designers chose not to utilize the Void motor utilized there for the most recent CryEngine innovation.

The primary character of the amusement is Morgan Yu – relying upon the decision of the player, lady or man – a piece of a logical venture to enhance mankind. The correct activity starts in the year 2032. We are awakening at the Transist Corporation’s Talos 1 space station, which in unacknowledged conditions has gone up against a forceful outsider race. Utilizing the things and weapons discovered, we attempt to make due in unequal battle with a capable adversary.

The move of the diversion makes put in a few areas with an open structure, so we have a great deal of flexibility – we choose how and when we play out the individual assignments. There are no scripted activities, rather than utilizing propelled recreation calculations, so the experience is marginally extraordinary each time.

Go after Windows PC is not a normal shooter: conventional guns and ammo for her is here as a cure, and the fun depends on the utilization of different capacities and components of nature. Quickly our hands fall into even the GLOO Cannon, an advanced device that shoots sticky white substance. It serves not exclusively to battle adversaries that can be immobilized by it, adhering to the floor, additionally to investigating Talos 1. The weapon shot from the gadget enables you to make an assortment of structures, for example, stairs to get into spots that are not typically accessible. Another fascinating gadget is like the “reuse charger” pomegranate, used to clean things from articles, spread them to littler parts, and deliver new ones, on the off chance that we have the correct arrangements. Also, the fundamental character finds in his direction neuromody, that is gadgets that permit replicating outsider forces – eg by doing this on Mimik, we pick up the capacity to change into any question.

Among the adversaries we experience different outsider animals, including the Mimic, who can take for all intents and purposes any shape. This implies quickly it can start to imagine, for instance, a waste can, so we can never feel protected and secure amid the enjoyment, as the risk can sneak all over the place.