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Windows Compatible
DOWNLOAD (3.3 GB *) * - size after downloading in DNVCRK Setup Wizard



Windows 7/8/10


Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93 GHz

Memory (RAM):

3 GB


GeForce 9800 GT



Storage (HDD):

4 GB


God Eater Resurrection Crack is a Windows-based PC action game enriched with RPG elements developed by the Japanese studio Shift. The project is an upgraded and enhanced version of the Gods Eater Burst, released in 2011, to the PlayStation Portable.

The God Eater Resurrection Download is set in a grim postapocalyptic vision of 2071, where humanity on the verge of destruction has led to the arrival of powerful monsters known as Aragas on Earth. Conventional weapons are ineffective against these beasts, so new types of weapons, called God Arc, created from these monsters are used to combat them.

The story tells the story of a teenager who joins the organization of Fenrir, which deals with the extermination of the Aragas. The campaign allows you to trace the whole career of a warrior. He begins as a pack of blueberries, but over time he gains experience, advances to new heights and eventually becomes commander of his own squad. During his adventures, he meets many other members of Fenrir and plays a key role in changing the direction of the war with monsters.

It is worth mentioning that the God Eater Resurrection Torrent campaign is not limited to opening events with Gods Eater Burst. Instead, the authors added a number of new stories and stories that feature the plot between the protagonist and God Eater 2.

We start playing God Eater Resurrection Free by creating our own hero, choosing his name and appearance. During the game, we watch the action from the camera behind the character. We spend most of our time completing missions during which we must fight the Aragas. The game features an extensive arcade combat system, offering great tactical freedom and allowing for a wide variety of special attacks. In addition, our weapons can switch between four modes, performing a firearm, white shield or shield to protect against injuries, and also transform into a giant beast.

During the mission three other warriors are accompanied. In single player mode, artificial intelligence is controlled by them, but control over them can also take over other people, thanks to the multiplayer multiplayer option.

Although most of the fun we spend on fighting, the game offers a great variety of challenges. During the campaign, we have to face dozens of types of Aragas and each has different characteristics. In God Eater Resurrection there are practically no weak monsters that die from a single hit. Instead, every opponent is a real challenge and defeating it requires knowing his tactics and types of attacks. The game enhances the system of upgrading and modifying weapons and equipment.

In addition to the additional content God Eater Resurrection Denuvo Crack also offers much improved graphics than the original. Thanks to the power of Windows PC, the authors could offer sharper textures, more complex character models and environments, and numerous new visual effects.