Divinity: Original Sin 2
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Divinity: Original Sin 2

Windows Compatible
DOWNLOAD (25 GB *) * - size after downloading in DNVCRK Setup Wizard

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Game Requirements


Windows 7/8/10


Intel Core i5 or equivalent

Memory (RAM):

4 GB


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 or ATI Radeon HD 6XXX or higher



Storage (HDD):

25 GB

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Description

Divinity: Original Sin II is a sequel to Divinity: Original Sin. Players once more go to Rivellon, taking this time into the Power Source, which they follow the Hunter’s heel.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Download is a classic RPG game with an isometric view, turn-based combat system and high level of difficulty, which is the fifth major installment of the Divinity series, and a direct continuation of the warmly received Divinity: Original Sin (Divine Origin). June 2014. Much like the predecessor, the Windows COMPUTER platform was developed by the Belgian studio Larian. It is also really worth mentioning that the production was partially funded through a community fundraising hard work at Kickstarter (just over $ 2 million).

In Divinity: Original Sin II¬†Crack, we are moving to the great land of Rivellon, although the action is about a thousand years after the events of the initial Sins (just after Beyond Divinity). In addition, this time we play the character using the potency of the Source, in contrast to the previous game in which we came to control two hunters hunting for the students of this not allowed magic. The conflict between the two groups continues to spawn, and our hero escapes from the heels of the Order, while trying to fend off the crisis of the invasion of monsters into the mortal world (caused by the death of the Divine). This kind of a cover makes the difference from the “one” is also the climate – in Original Bad thing II atmosphere became much heavier and more serious.

This time we start with creating a single, central character that may belong to one of the races. Another important novum at the same time of creating a leading man is to define his biographical background. Depending on who the protagonist (or protagonist) developed by us is, the inhabitants of the presented world react differently to him, and may even assign him different tasks. Because of this, the role-playing layer in this title is deeper than in its predecessor and problems can be solved in more ways than before.
On the purely mechanical side, Authentic Sin II on the PC Windows platform is a development of what has been figured out before. Additional the ability to climb on platforms, towers, and so forth, taking into account the effect of height on the combat functions of the character, and make simpler the calculation of the points of action (now doing the majority of the activity costs 1-3 points). Within addition, new features and combinations of elements have emerged in the game, whose clever use can reverse the fate of the clash. Source energy, especially powerful and dangerous, is also of great interest, but has to be supplemented with special Sources to be able to use them.

As before, adventure can be experienced in a cooperative setting, this time for up to four people. Just what is interesting, however , is that cooperation can certainly turn into competition, as different biographical backgrounds may impose opposing goals to the same situation.
In addition to this, Larian Studios has developed a separate PvP mode, where four-player groups battle for well-designed circles. Participants benefit from top quality, well-rounded characters in various competitions, such as Free-for-All, Capture the Flag and King of the Hill.
Divinity: Original Desprovisto II for Windows PC platform is based on the improved Divinity engine: Original Sin (Divinity Engine 3. 0), which offers much nicer graphics than previous games, more advanced physics and support for DirectX 12.