ARK: Survival Evolved
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ARK: Survival Evolved

Windows Compatible
DOWNLOAD (40 GB *) * - size after downloading in DNVCRK Setup Wizard

ARK: Survival Evolved Game Requirements


Windows 7/8/10


2 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU

Memory (RAM):

4 GB


DirectX10 Compatible GPU with 1 GB Video RAM



Storage (HDD):

40 GB

ARK: Survival Evolved Description

Be in the open world sandbox survival simulator, where the key player opponents are dinosaurs. The mechanics of the game showcases such iconic styles as DayZ, concentrating on the element of survival, the accumulation of raw materials, the production of the necessary tools and the construction of hiding places. This time, rather than ubiquitous zombies, we are having difficulties mainly with huge prehistoric reptiles.

ARK: Survival Evolved Download Free is definitely an embedded sandbox success simulator in which the key rivals of the players are dinosaurs. The title is the debut production of Wildcard Studios, founded by former Microsoft Game Studios employee Jesse Rapczak and created for PCs and consoles of the 8th generation. The mechanics of the game is modeled on cult MMZ new sandals like DayZ, with the difference that the role of ubiquitous zombies was taken over by huge prehistoric reptiles. Our personality is vulnerable and nude to an unknown island, and its task is to outlive as long as possible in this malicious environment. In order to survive, we have to hunt and gather raw materials from which we will then produce the necessary weapons and tools for further living. The game also has a character development system that learns new skills while on the island, extremely useful for survival.

Many of them allow you to even subdue the dinosaurs, and then make them personal supports. As in almost all of this type of production, our oasis is a self-contained hideout that gives us all shelter from more dangerous dinosaurs – these appear in over 70 varieties: from small flying pterodactyls to true giants like diplodocus, brontosaurus or t-rexa. They are not the only nuisance, as other oppositions may be equally questionable opponents, sharpening their tooth on our stock. Of course, the gameplay is geared towards having fun on the internet, and in keeping with the genre’s correctness, it allows you to make alliances and cooperate to peaceful players. However, there are no obstacles to play offline, but we must be aware of the fact that not all hazards will be able to face. There are special pointers on the maps, which, after fulfilling the conditions, bring to the world a giant creature. Her kill gives you fantastic rewards, but for succeed, you should operate a greater group. The action is shown in a typical first person perspective, but what distinguishes the PC version of Survival Evolved from the numerous independent sandboxes of the MMO is the high-end graphic design of the advanced Unreal Powerplant 4. The production also works with Oculus Rift virtuelle realit├Ąt goggles and course. Steam, thanks to which it is possible to share content, prepared by the players themselves.